Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top 5 Reasons why Latin Alternative Music is the BEST

5. Our artists support each other - Rivalry takes a back seat in Latin Alternative. Each artist or group went through their own struggles to get to where they are, and that makes them more willing to help those new to the scene.

4. Our artists appreciate thier roots - Whether they choose to sing in Spanish, in English, or a mixture of both, our artists never forget where they come from. In fact, they often incorporate parts of their homeland rhythms into their music.

3. Our artists focus on the music - Unfortunately, Latin Alternative is considered the black sheep among mainstream labels because it isn't as commerical as pop or reggaeton. However, our artists work hard and put out quality work that keeps fans wanting more.

2. Our mix tapes rule - How many people can say they have CDs that switch from electronica, to metal, to hip-hop and punk without switching music styles? Not many.

1. Our Artists are diverse - Latin Alternative is not one genre - it's many things. It's a mix of rock, hip-hop, punk, electronica, metal, lounge, and everything in between. Because of our artists diverse range, Latin Alternative promotes unity by creating a "global Latin identity."

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