Monday, November 19, 2007

Most Interesting Fan Videos

I've always been amused by the fans who take the time to post a video using a favorite band's music. It shows their support as well as the amount of spare time they have on their hands. Here are some of the most "interesting" videos - I'm sure there must be more gems out there.

1. Mirando a Las Muchachas - Mexican Insitute of Sound
The poster writes, "I was bored. And this is a product of my boredom. I do not claim to be a puppetmaster."

2. Atreve-te-te-te - Calle 13
In this video two guys attempt to seduce a girl - the result...more like a bad car wreck - it's awful, but you have to see how it ends.

3. Tengo La Voz - Nortec Collective
Marvel at the dance that caused commenter's to berate "Little Bobby" in Spanish and in English.

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