Monday, March 31, 2008

Warped Shout Out

Check out this Pinker Tones shout out from the founder of Van's Warped Tour, Kevin Lyman.

This intro by Lyman celebrates the Barcelona duo and gives them the pop-soul-funk-break beat-boss nova-swing-lounge-psychedlic credit they deserve. Look out for The Pinker Tones upcoming album, Wild Animals, in stores June 3rd (digital release May 6th).

Coming Soon...

Plastilina Mosh and Aterciopelados are making musical love in the studio. We'll keep you posted on new releases or Plastilina/Atercio related news.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Politik Kills - Featured Remix

On one of our latest posts we mentioned that Manu Chao is inviting fans to create their own remix of his latest single "Politik Kills." We recommended the Prince Fatty remix and now for your listening pleasure is this chill, reggae-style remix.

What do you think?

Could you do better?

Try your hand at

NPR Loves DJ Bitman

You might listen to NPR (National Public Radio) for a news brief and/or the music your local affiliate has to offer. However, NPR is also involved in the music scene; especially when it comes to new/up-and-coming trends. In fact, there's even a show entitled, Latino USA where Latin Alternative's very own DJ Bitman was recently interviewed to discuss the trend of using samples to create music via computer, and how this trend directly reflects his own music.

To hear the interview click here.

If you've never heard of DJ Bitman (formerly part of the duo Bitman y Roban), the interview is a great way to be introduced to his sound and hear audio clips from his latest album.

Here's a video for a recent song of DJ Bitman discussed in the interview:

DJ Bitman's latest CD, Latin Bitman, is available online and at record stores - we highly recommend it!

Nortec Rocks Berlin

This past weekend Mexican Latin Alternative sensations, Nortec Collective Presents: Bostich + Fussible, rocked the people of Berlin at the Maerz Musik Festival and gave them a little taste of their upcoming album, Tijuana Sound Machine. Word on the street is Berlin knows how to party.

For all you Nortec fans, the digital release of Tijuana Sound Machine is scheduled for April 29th, and the CD will be released on May 6th, so mark your calenders and check with your local record store to see if they have love for Nortec.

If you've never heard of the group or curious about their sound check out this video:

Friday, March 21, 2008

666 Style - Upcoming Release for Davila 666

Almost two years after their 2006 release, countless shows and, parties hosted by Jack Daniels Studio #7, Davila 666 has brought their catchy melodies and raw energy into an upcoming release.

The band will be releasing a new album late this spring under indie label, In the Red Recordings. Davila 666 is also the first band to sing in Spanish on the California-based label. Following the release, they plan on touring places such as Mexico, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Sir Charles Davila, AJ Davila, Johnny Otis Davila, San Pablo Davila, Panda Davila, and Gigi Davila form to create the mayhem that is Davila 666. The band was formed in December 2005 with a mission to explore the sounds of the decades past, more pecifically, the 60s and early 70s, claiming that the music seems much more honest & brutal. The band’s first album, Punales, Pildoras y Otras Formas de Entretenerse, includes a total of nine songs and was released in 2006 under their own label, EZ Kill Records. Their song “Mientras Sono (Dale, Dale)” was included in the Jack Daniel’s Studio #7 compilation CD. The band has also played shows with Los Pepiniyoz, Circo, and Polbo.

Davila 666 is a band associated with controversy and while the numeric connotations of their name might always remain a mystery, we spoke to A.J. Davila about the upcoming album, future plans, and the Davila family. It involved eating babies, and all sorts of satanic talk, of course.

To learn more about the band, visit their myspace page - We recommend the songs “Callejon” and “Jurao.”

--How did it all start for Davila 666?

AJ: The group was founded in December 2005 by Sir Charles and AJ Davila (Myself). We are a really young band. We used to sell crack and chicken eggs on the street for a living...but shit got pretty fucked up and our little brother, Papo Cadaver, was killed by Violeta la Sacacorcho Rosario, a local transsexual drug lord. We called it quits and started the band with our brothers. You know we are big family five brothers, five sisters, seven cows, and 10 chickens.

-- Can you describe Davila's sound?

AJ: The most important thing when we make songs is to have catchy vocal melodies; it doesn’t matter if we make garage, rock and roll, country blues, folk, etc. - the vocal melody has to be catchy. So I think that’s our sound- we call it the pop sensation.

--So how’s life for the big family so far?
AJ: Everything is great. Good things are coming for the band. We just signed a deal with In the Red Records (one of the best independent labels in America). We are the first band that sings in Spanish on the label, [and] we have a big tour coming up, so we are really happy.

--When will the tour begin and what are some places you guys will be rocking out in?

AJ: We will start touring right after the album is out. [We’re touring] Mexico, the United States, Canada, and maybe Europe and South America. We want to tour as much as we can.

--So what’s your favorite place to play and where have you guys toured before?

AJ: My favorite place? Seattle and San Francisco. We have been on tour in New York, Tijuana, Mexicali, San Diego, Los Angeles, Glendale, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Olympia, and Seattle (September -October 2007).

---What should we expect from the new CD?
AJ: You can expect a stab in the ass with the album; catchy music made by poor, hungry Puerto Ricans.

-- What is your favorite Davila 666 song?
AJ: All of them - they are my children, but my favorite is, “Dimelo Ya.”

---I’m going to ask you the most cliché question that you’ve ever gotten: why Davila 666?
AJ: Jajajaja, why not Davila 666?

--Have you had any problems booking a show because of your name?

AJ: One time, in Peru, we had a problem booking shows because they thought we were a death metal band.

---Are you a crazy satanic cult?

AJ: Yes. We drink blood and eat babies...all in the name of pop music.

--What are your words to live by? Give me a good phrase that doesn’t involve babies or satanic cults.

AJ: Always have fun....and don’t be a fucking snitch.

Writer Bio
Stephanie Aviles is a sophomore public relations major at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications in Syracuse University. She enjoys photo booth pictures, old records, and bangin’ tunes. Stephanie hails from San German, Puerto Rico and her proximity to the local alternative scene around the island brought her to love and appreciate the genre.

Her musical tastes range from synth-pop and new wave melodies, to rock and roll, ska, and aggressive punk rock. Some of her favorite bands include: The Adicts, Paralisis Permanente, New York Dolls, Goldfrapp, Un Final Fatal, Circo, and I’m From Barcelona.

Check out Stephanie's posts appearing regularly on Area Álternativa.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Make Way for Monareta

After performing at Austin Texas's SXSW (South by South West) festival, the band will be playing some a few shows starting March 25th and ending June 10th. The band from Brooklyn (via Bogota, Colombia) has a funky sound and gets the party poppin', so if you're in New York, Montreal, or Toronto, you need to check them out.

Show Dates:

New York, NY - March 25 - The Annex Club
New York, NY - April 23 - Crash Mansion
Montreal - April 25 - Club Lambi
Toronto - June 10 - NXNE (North by North East Festival)

Check out this video from Remezcla to see the band in action:

Hey DJ - That's My DJ

Manu Chao is giving YOU, los fans, the opportunity to try your hand at remixing his latest single "Politik Kills." Just visit the "Politik Kills" website at: to create your hottest remix and post it up on the site for the world to hear. Our personal favorites are the Dennis Bovell Remix (Featuring LKJ) and the Prince Fatty Remix.

If you have any remixes you want Area Alternative to shout out, send them to the source. Who knows? Maybe Manu will shout it out himself.

Lo Siento

Sincerest apologias to all the Area Alternative fans out there. The Source turned 22 and was unavailable for her birthday week, followed by spring break for Syracuse University which left The Source and Stephanie Aviles wire-less. Area Alternative promises to never leave you alone again.

Viva la musica!

p.s. mas pa' venir -- exclusive interview with A.J. Davila from the Puerto Rican band Davila 666

Monday, March 3, 2008



06/25/08 Phoenix, AZ, US
06/26/08 Las Cruces, NM, US
06/28/08 Sal Lake City, UT, US
06/29/08 Denver, CO, US
7/1/08 St. Louis, MO, US
7/2/08 Kansas City, KS, US
7/3/08 Dallas, TX, US
7/5/08 San Antonio, TX, US
7/6/08 Houston, TX, US
7/9/08 Atlanta, GA, US
7/10/08 Jacksonville, FL, US
7/11/08 Tamps, FL, US
7/12/08 Miami, FL, US
07/13/08 Jacksonville, FL, US
07/14/08 Charlotte, NC, US
07/15/08 Virginia Beach, VA, US
07/16/08 Washington, DC, US
07/17/08 Cleveland, OH, US
07/18/08 Detroit, MI, US
07/19/08 Toronto, ON, CA
07/20/08 Montreal, ON, CA
07/22/08 Buffalo, NY, US
07/23/08 Boston, MA, US
07/24/08 Englishtown, NJ, US
07/25/08 Philadelphia, PA, US
07/26/08 New York, NY, US
07/27/08 Scranton, PA, US
07/29/08 Pittsburgh, PA, US
07/30/08 Cincinnati, OH, US
07/31/08 Indianapolis, IN, US
8/1/08 Milwaukee, WI, US
8/2/08 Chicago, IL, US
8/3/08 Minneapolis, MN, US
8/6/08 Calgary, AB, CA
8/8/08 Boise, ID, US
8/9/08 Seattle, WA, US
8/10/08 Portland, OR, US
08/13/08 Fresno, CA, US
08/14/08 San Diego, CA, US
08/15/08 Mountain View, CA, US
08/16/08 Sacramento, CA, US
08/17/08 Los Angeles, CA, US

New MIS Video

Here's a new video for all you Mexican Institute of Sound fans out there. MIS pays homage to las ex-novia's in his latest single "Katia, Tania, Paulina y la Kim." Check it out here.

For Those Undecided Voters Out There

If you're still deciding between Hillary and Obama, the Latino-Jewish Urban Collective, Hip Hop Hoodios, advises you to say "Shalom Obama" -- Si se puede!

Check out their endorsement here:

p.s. the picture of Obama next to Sabado Gigante's, Don Francisco, is priceless!

A Little Something for the Manu Fans: The Making of "Me Llaman Calle"

Watch Manu Chao and Princesas director Fernando Leon de Aranoa saca la chispa through a medicinal, "honest" rumba and video made to blend a beautiful melody with awareness of the pride and strength exhibited by sex workers in Spain. If you've ever wondered about the context of Manu Chao's award-winning song, "Me Llaman Calle," this video is for you. (The video is approximately 25 minutes long but well worth it).

Supersaund 2012 A La Venta - TOMORROW!

Tomorrow is the release date for Señor Flavio's, of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, album Supersaund 2012 , and it's already gotten rave reviews.

The album, set to showcase garage rock, psychobilly, punk, and the reggae and ska Los Fabulosos Cadillacs were known for, is Flavio's way of repping his roots.

"The different styles on the album are a result of an eclectic mix of influences inspired by listening to music and just living life," Flavio says. "Being Latin American and being mestizo, fusion is part of our continent, our folklore and our pride."

Here's what the critics have to say:

"Contrary to its title, this well-crafted solo album by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs' co-founder isn't quite a projection into the future, but more of a throwback to the ska/rock that the group merged so beautifully with Latin sounds in its day."

"There have been so many failed attempts by so-called Latin-alternative bands to strive for this kind of kitschy, laid-back fun that when Flavio achieves it so flawlessly you wonder where he'as been all these years."