Sunday, March 23, 2008

NPR Loves DJ Bitman

You might listen to NPR (National Public Radio) for a news brief and/or the music your local affiliate has to offer. However, NPR is also involved in the music scene; especially when it comes to new/up-and-coming trends. In fact, there's even a show entitled, Latino USA where Latin Alternative's very own DJ Bitman was recently interviewed to discuss the trend of using samples to create music via computer, and how this trend directly reflects his own music.

To hear the interview click here.

If you've never heard of DJ Bitman (formerly part of the duo Bitman y Roban), the interview is a great way to be introduced to his sound and hear audio clips from his latest album.

Here's a video for a recent song of DJ Bitman discussed in the interview:

DJ Bitman's latest CD, Latin Bitman, is available online and at record stores - we highly recommend it!

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