Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Journey to the Underground: Todosantos

If you've ever wanted to experience the audiovisual equivalent of a sugar rush, Todosantos may just do it for you. Their "seizure-inducing" videos/graphics and their hyper, pulse-driven sound they refer to as "tukky bass," make this Venezuelan band innovators of the underground scene.

Currently located in Brooklyn, the group's members: Peach, Pharaoh, and Purple Gold, hope to turn kids into "crowd surfing lunatics from coast to coast."

Their first U.S. released EP, "Acid Girlzzz," comes with marbeled colored vinyl, a DVD with three videos & high quality mp3s, 3-D artwork with custom 3-D glasses, and exlusive remixes.

"This Todosantos video embodies every ADD-ridden, crotch-grabbing, whistle-blowing, only-sees-neon-color, blog-house neu-raver out there...dubstep, 4x4, speed garage, baile funk, kuduro and ghettotech mixed with Venezuela’s ghetto dance music.’ Wow, I couldn’t have described it better myself. I don’t even know if I would have known where to begin to describe it".
-bigstereo on Acid Boys & Acid Girls video

"They're actually dayglo Venezuelan lunatics camping out in Brooklyn. If you stare at this video long enough you'll see a dancing 3D penguin"

To find out more about Todosantos visit their official myspace page and if you're up for more visual torture check out their website.

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