Saturday, November 17, 2007

Artist of the Day/Artista del Dia: Café Tacvba

Many have classified this Mexican quartet as rock en Español, but for fans, Café Tacvba and Latin Alternative are synonymous. Café has gained notoriety among fans and critics with their eclectic experimentations with rock, ambient electronica, punk, ska, hip-hop, and regional Mexican. Their albums, described as "endlessly entertaining roller coaster rides," hold songs that vary so much that the only characteristics that unite them are the band's distinctive vocals and instrumental core.

Once a garage band in the suburb of Satélite, outside of Mexico City, the boys made their entrance into the music scene after performing at the cultural club, El Hijo del Cuervo (Son of the Raven), in 1989. They continued playing the club scene until they were discovered by Gustavo Santaolalla (one of the first producer's of the Spanish language rock scene), and since then they've released eight albums, two CD/DVD collections, and won a Grammy (for their album Cuatro Caminos), as well as several Latin Grammy's (for thier album Cuatro Caminos, song "Eres," and album Yo Soy).

The band, made up of: Meme (Emmanuel del Real - keyboards, programming, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals), Cone Cohuitl (Rubén Albarrán - vocals, guitar), Quique (Enrique Rangel - bass guitar, electric upright bass, vocals), and Joselo (Joselo Rangel - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals), continues to draw fans, and amaze critics with their stylistic range and originality with the release of their latest album, Sino.

Café Tacvba will be performing a series of concerts in the U.S. starting tonight with a concert at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. and ending December 16th with a concert at the Gusman Center in Miami. For more info on the band's upcoming shows visit their official myspace page.

Click here to read more about Café Tacvba.

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