Monday, November 19, 2007

Myspace Magic

No one can deny myspace's impact on the music industry. For some bands, myspace provides the push needed for artists to go from the underground to the air waves. After looking through myspace band listings, I've listed some acts you can get to know:

1. ReadNex Poetry Squad - These guys mix spoken word and hip-hop in order to elevate urban communities and address social issues.

2. Momposonica - This Colombian rock band launched their first CD in 2006 and with their funky, rock rhythms they deserve more play time.

3. Los Kung Fu Monkeys - This punk/ska band from Tijuana fuse fun and frantic rhythms to create a unique sound.

4. Elis Paprika - Lady Whisky and her band play angst filled songs easy to rock out to.

5. La Bruja - La Bruja has taken the New York City hip-hop and poetry scene by storm, and when it comes to music, she always stays true to her Puerto Rican roots.

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