Saturday, November 17, 2007

Men on a Mission

Possibly the most unique band to hit the Latin Alternative scene, Austin TV is a conceptual band from Mexico who tell stories through their music without the use of vocals. In their latest album, Fontana Bella, the band tells the story of Mario Lupo from a diary they found in the forest. Though fictional, the character, diary, and adventures of Mario Lupo were inspired by the band's time spent living in the Avandaro Forest.

The band has dressed in costume since their first gig in 2001. The costumes allow their shows to be an audio-visual experience and connect with the band's belief that the face is not important, the truth is inside.

Austin TV will be playing with Café Tacvba (Café's Meme produced Fontana Bella) for four of their upcoming shows. To find out more about Mario Lupo's journey and Austin TV concert dates visit their official myspace page.

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