Monday, November 3, 2008

Una Chica Escandalosa

Alejandra Alberti made an appearance on Univision's popular gossip show, Escandolo TV, today to promote her new single "Blanco Fatal." The single showcases Alejandra's beautiful voice and musicality, and the video, although a tad dark, showcases her artistic side. I think it's a great follow up to her power anthem "Dignidad de Mujer."



Anonymous said...

Alejandra Alberti has a LOT of potential. She shows a lot of promise and courage, and her voice brings something special to rock/pop en espanol. I hope she keeps going and accomplishes way more than her promising start. I think Alejandra Alberti is really capable of some special stuff and some depth.

Another artist who I just listened to a few minutes ago was SUPER impressive! Her name is Erika Martins, and she is brazilian pop/rock. I have never heard a brazilian band that does only pop/rock, and it's something else. If you get a chance to take a look...I like the song "Ainda Queima A Esperanca".

Anonymous said...

Just listened again to Alejandra Alberti. She really does have the ability and the voice, as well as the song-writing talent, to make a difference in Latin pop/rock/alternative music.

Here's hoping Ms. Alberti keeps continuing to innovate. Personalmente: espero que sigue cantando en espanol. Las peores cosas para ella en el mundo musical seria (1) si decidiera cantar en ingles (2) si escogiera ser como Pau Rubio y otras cantantes populares y promover canciones sin alma, reflexion, o sin sentido.

Julieta Venegas and Shakira (and to some extent, Natalia LaFourcade, Ely Guerra, maybe Alejandra Guzman, Paulina Rubio, Thalia, Fey etc.), but principally Shakira and Venegas have opened up a space in music for female latina musicians to operate and expand. I hope that Alejandra Alberti recognizes it and comes up with better and better music.

It's a promising start (diddo for Sarinana, Belanova). Am not quite in Ximena Sarinana's camp, because the melancholia that marks her songs just brings me down to the dumps, it's not inspiring as much as it is deflating. But she's young, maybe Ximena will surprise. I think Pambo has a great chance of doing some good work, she faces the same challenges as Alejandra Alberti (meaning there is more pressure to exceed expectations).

I am hoping Pilar Diaz can come up with some good stuff. She seems like the one musically and lyrically who is as capable as anyone of producing GREAT music en espanol. I like her and another artist named Sara Valenzuela, but Pilar Diaz' songs appear to be more uplifting and inspiring, and in a real, rather than Celine Deon kind of way (more profound and less lofty and fake!)

I am glad that this blog pointed it out first about Pilar, and I think this is a good call on Alejandra Alberti.