Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let Me Put You On: Choc Quib Town

If The Fugees, Immortal Technique and Yerba Buena merged to create one sound, the result would be Choc Quib Town.

Choc Quib Town (Chocó Quibdo Nuestro pueblo) is a Colombian Latin hip hop/funk group whose music invokes pride for their mother country but, more specifically, their place of birth: Chocó.

Chocó is a state in the Pacific Coastal region of Colombia, a place full of "flavor and open hearts, of tears and struggle and of people with the hope of survival." Chocó is also known for the plight of AfroColombians living in the area - a reoccurring theme in Choc Quib Town's music.

Aside from hip hop and funk, fans can find rumba and rural sounds that go along with their tight flow and high energy. I've found a lot of Latin hip-hop bands to sound pretty hokey and sub-par, but I could see Choc Quib Town finding mainstream success in the future.

The group just released their latest album, Oro, and will be playing a few shows in Colombia and Brazil.

To learn more about Choc Quib Town visit their official MySpace page.

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Anonymous said...

All I can say is: AWESOME! Choc Quib Town is something else. Their song Pescao Envenenao is a mix of caribbean, rap, and salsa, and the first time it was introduced to me I said WOW. Espero que esta banda sea "a gusto" para los que aprecian el sonido alternativo. Jenn - good pick!!!