Sunday, February 17, 2008

Soft Spot: "De Que Sirve"

"De Que Sirve" is an infectious, pop rock hit with saccharin sweet vocals and melody that work its way into your mind until your singing along with the track. It barely counts as Latin Alternative, but in my mind, they have LA street cred. Let's face it - if Belanova's "Baila Mi Corazon" is considered Alternative, everyone's got a fair shot. Plus, they're no where near as popular as Mexi-Pop sensation RBD so they're still safe. And bands who play their own instruments will always have an edge over run of the mill, generic, pop acts. To me, they're a mix between Paramore and BBmak, and despite what hardcores have to say - "De Que Sirve" is still cool and will continue to play on my iPod for days to come.

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