Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Señor Flavio Returns

For all of you Los Fabulosos Cadillacs fans, March 2008 may be your month. Señor Flavio, the founding member of the Grammy-winning rock band, announced he will be releasing a new album, Supersaund 2012, on March 4th

Flavio showcases a variety of styles on his new album like garage rock, psychobilly, and punk to the reggae and ska that made Los Fabulosos Cadillacs an international phenomenon.

Señor Flavor is considered a founding father of the Latin alternative movement. Since Los Fabulosos Cadillacs'last album, he's worked with musical artists like Panteon and Los Rabanes, producing their latest albums.

Tracks on Supersaund 2012 include: "Malito," "Lucha Libre Lovers," and "Retirada Murguera Portena."

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