Friday, December 7, 2007

Battle of the Bands

SiTV is giving YOU the chance to "change the future of rock" and walk away with a $500 Apple gift card with their series, Jammin.

In this viewer's choice-based program, unsigned bands submit profiles featuring their songs, images, and bios to help entice fans. Once the submission deadline passes, viewer's vote for their favorite bands, and the 15 bands with the most votes make it to the televised competition. A review committee cuts 9 bands, and the remaining 6 are flown out to L.A. where they work under the tutelage of a big-name band (last year it was Ozomatli). The 6 bands are narrowed down to 3, and the last 3 bands battle it out in front of a panel of judges who select a winner.

This years prizes include:
- $10,000
- A Gibson Scholarship
- A Chance to Meet with Grammy-winning producer Tomas Cookman of Nacional Records
- Exposure at the Latin Alternative Music Conference
- TV Fame

To vote for your favorite bands, register at the Jammin website. Each day you log in and vote serves as 1 entry to win a $500 Apple gift card.

There are 202 bands to choose from, so get out there and vote - the future of rock depends on it.

* Voting ends January 3rd, 2008

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