Thursday, May 1, 2008

TARGET gives props to Pacha and Latin Alternative Music

Pacha Massive has a full schedule: they just rocked El Theatron in bassist and singer, writer, and bassist Maya's hometown of Bogota, Colombia, they made a surprise appearance at, "La Otra Puerta" concert series at Crash Mansion in NYC, AND their single "De Pies a la Cabeza" is featured in a new TARGET commercial that just aired nationally.

Check out the new commercial that not only gives props to Pacha Massive, but to the cool, ultra hip, and funky genre of Latin Alternative music. Felicitaciones Pacha!

What's next for Pacha? A new video for their single, "All Good Things" is on the way and here is a list of their upcoming shows:

For all my NYC people --
Bowery Ballroom on July 10th at 8PM

For all my LA people --
Ford Amphitheater on September 26th at 8PM

To get the latest in Pacha Massive news visit their myspage page.

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